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How to setup DDNS update with Synology

I have a synology nas, that allows you to setup DDNS.

GoDaddy is not one of the listed ones, but Synology allows you to add a custom one to update the DDNS information.

It is asking for Service Provider: and "Query URL:"

As an example they have:

Service provider: provider_XYZ

Query URL:


I was wondering where I could find the "Query URL" for GoDaddy?






Hi @thundergusto, thanks for posting.

GoDaddy don't offer an API for DNS changes or management. It doesn't look like that particular service would be compatible with GoDaddy.

Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

So what you're saying is that GoDaddy only works with static IP addresses?

There is a way now


Follow the instructions to get and API key and secret (have to do it twice to move off of TEST).

Then copy the script at the bottom to a text editor. Change the appropriate stuff in the script -- key and secret and domain name. Then copy the script to your clipboard -- go into Synology administration open up the Task Scheduler - Create User Defined script -- Name the task -- then past the script into the Run command window -- then schedule how often you want it to run.

I've been trying this but all of the scripts i've found have commands that the syno' doesn't seem to recognize. 

tried a powershell script from the referenced link, also found a bash script. 

anyone had any luck getting a script to work?


For anyone who is still looking for a way to use Synology NAS with your GoDaddy domain, you may use a third party dynamic DNS service for which you need to list the provider's name servers for your GoDaddy domain name.  I used dynamic DNS service which allows me to use their free service and keep the domain name registered with GoDaddy in the meantime.