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I can't validate my domain till now?

I don't know what are you doing but it's been 4 days now till I did my TXT Record in my domain and I trying to validate my domain name every day till the 48h passed .. and still giving this error .. I tried to contact you through the live chat .. and it always disabled to access it .. and trying to contact you through the UAE number no one responded ?? I don't know what to do ..?  Untitledss.jpg


Hi @Fizo2m,


Welcome to the Community!

Were you able to validate the domain through the TXT record. While we're unable to do so through this Community forum, please confirm the record you're entering is correct. You may wish to include your domain here, so users in this forum can see if the record is available on an external lookup. 


GoDaddy Chat support is available from 5am-6pm MST (GMT-7), Monday - Friday on our US page: (Make sure you're on this US home page.)




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