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Issue with domain forwarding to a specific page

Hi! I have several domains here. Domain1  is the main domain for my website on shopify, so I connected to Shopify and all is good. Then, I bought Domain2 that I want to point to one specific page of my website. So, in the godaddy DNS page, I created a Forwarding to this page.  I made it Permanent (301) and Forward only.  This was 2 weeks ago.
My issue is that some people can access it (they enter Domain2 and it takes them to the specific page of the shop, Domain1/page_something). But some others are having an error (page took too long to load, or can't reach this page). And this with the Domain2 still showing in the URL field of the browser. So it means that the redirection did not even happen.
It happens to random people in different states.... and usually, when they have the pb, they have it on all of their browsers or even on all of their devices connected on the same network. So, they can not reach Domain2 on their home newtork on any device.... but might be able to reach it on their phone with their data network....
And sometimes, they have the issue for sometime and all the sudden, they can access Domain2...

And nobody has any issue with Domain1 which is accessible at all time to everyone....
Any idea???? Thanks!


Hello @clochette 


What is the domain name so I can take a look at it on my end and see what I can find out.


Thanks @Nicole0808 

Alrighty  this is what I am seeing when I pull the site . If I understand correctly you do not want this long URL you would like it to say in the address bar correct? 


I ran a scan on the website to see why it is giving error in certain states and I do see it does not propagate in some states. So for this issue I would recommend calling the tech support line so they can look at more to make sure everything is set up correctly. 


Thanks for your response. You understand well the purpose of this domain name.

I want people to type this easy url to reach this specific page.


I already contacted the godaddy support but they never saw the problem.

Which tool did you use to see that it wasn't propagating?



I use a internal tool I have available here. I would look through here and see if this can help! . 



Well, I have been talking with 4 different persons of the godaddy support (phone and chat) and noone seemed to see the issue. Do they have the same tools as you do?


As for the link you sent, I don't know if I need to edit the forwarding. I don't see which edit I should do to it. It already seems to be set up as it should be.... 😞