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List of my domains for auction.

GoDaddy is a domain auction site, but it seems to be a pain to find a list of domains that I have listed.

Is there a direct link or easy way to get to it? I don't want a list of my domains. I want a list of my domains that are up for sale or auction.
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Re: List of my domains for auction.

I typically use the folder/grouping system within the Domain Control Center @Tollens. When I list a domain I stick it in a "Auction" folder so I can note what I have up in a glance. If you are talking about links directly to your auction I usually create a spreadsheet and have links directly to the addiction listing. I hope that helps? 


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Re: List of my domains for auction./?isc=gdcommment

After much frustration, I found what I was looking for in the Selling drop
down of the auction page. The auction page link is buried in a menu as
well. Why there is not a button directly to the auctions on the GoDaddy
homepage is super annoying.