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Lost page after trial

Hello there, I am new here and still getting used to this but about 24 hours ago I signed up, I used the free trial to set up my godaddy page, those name of the site was in fact

I have just brought the rights to the actual site I intended to use, and within doing so cancelled the free 30 day free trial with the other page. However upon doing this, despite having 28 or 29 days of the free trial left godaddy deleted the site completely. (ForeverBoleynforeverwestham.godaddysites)

You’d have thought this wouldn’t be a problem as I have brought the intended debit domain (ForeverBoleyn) and the free trial (ForeverBoleyn foreverwestham) page was just 24/48 hours old, that would to an extent be true, however I had made a few blog posts that had over 1k views and I can not longer access them to post to my new domain (ForeverBoleyn).

I didn’t link it Wordpress or anything, I have no idea how to get the blog posts or the website back, hopefully I can do this without having to ring up.
Community Manager

Hi @ForeverBoleyn. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! I'm not sure why your free trial would have been canceled. That's not something that would typically happen automatically. In order to have that reviewed, you'd need to connect with our customer care team. If our system did cause an issue like this, then they may be able to help you get the content restored. Hope you're able to figure this out. 


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