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MX record for Office365 email

What are the settings to connect a GoDaddy hosted domain to a GoDaddy Office365 email account?

The instructions provided here are not specific enough:
“Points to - Enter the mail server's address, such as“

I have not been receiving all emails, only some of them, due to conflicting MX records at my old service provider. So I transferred both the email service and domain hosting to GoDaddy for better service. But the settings were not configured properly when GoDaddy set up the new account. (Name Server was left at the old service, and no MX record at all!)
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Super User III

Re: MX record for Office365 email

Hey there @Kara23 


It's a common misconception, but when hosting and domains are transferred in, it's the responsibility of the account holder to configure everything correctly, not the hosting company.


That being said, this guide should help you get your email configuration set up correctly. Make sure you go to the MX Entry section in cPanel and set it to remote for the domain as well. 


Hope that helps!

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Re: MX record for Office365 email

Thank you Joe! This is completely different from the instructions that GoDaddy has provided. If they are selling email via Microsoft now, they really need to update the corresponding technical articles.