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My Domain won't work with www, but works without.

when ever i try opening my domain with www. it doesnt work but it works without www. eg.( doesn't work but works)


Please someone should help me out


Hi @cloutng, thanks for posting.

Both versions of the domain are loading for me at this time. Were you able to get this sorted out?

If you're still having trouble, feel free to follow up with additional details.


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My domain configured with blogger is working with and but not working without prefix www. 


Naked domains are not working.


Kindly suggest

I am having his same issue. works but does not.

Community Manager

Hi @newey007. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! It looks like you may have resolved this issue already. Both versions of your domain work for me. If you did resolve the issue, please consider following up here with the steps you took to do so. Others may benefit from what you've experienced.


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