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Helper I

My domain forwarding stops working on my PC but will still work on my phone

My godaddy account is from the US and I believe all of the configurations are based upon that.  I have many sub domains from forwarded to other random domains as short cuts.  

Like is forwarded without masking to


Typically everything works fine, but after some amount of time the forwarding no longer works unless I call into godaddy and they "refresh" the domain. Who knows what that means but as soon as they do that all of the forwards come back to life instead of hanging and then chrome telling me "This site can’t be reached".  It also fails in EDGE and IE


Before "refreshing" the domain, if I us my mobile phone with mobile data, it forwards without a problem. If I connect my mobile phone to my house wifi, sometimes it will forward and other times it wont.


I am physically in Argentina right now.


Any insight would be appreciated. I am tired of calling in all the time to have GoDaddy "refresh" the domain and usually it takes 5 minutes of explaining to the tech to get them to "refresh" it.


I'm having the same issue.  Works on phone, not on GoogleFiber/desktop with any browser.


I just noticed that I am also having the same issue. Works great on my phone but not on a desktop.....

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @Morice and @GoGoMag,  I've made some inquiries with our DNS specialists to see if there's anything going on that would explain what you're seeing.  At this time we aren't experiencing any issues that would be causing forwarding to work on one network, but not another.  


Are your mobile devices using the same network as your computer when you're experiencing this error, or are you accessing the forwarded domain from the cellular network?  

If you are on the cellular network when the forwarding is working, can you test the domain by connecting WiFi and seeing if you get the same result?  


If you want to share your domains in a reply to this thread, we can see if we can duplicate the failure to forward from our connections.  


Thank you.


Both are on the same network. My domain is I just checked and it times out on my computer. I am able to go to the site that it is forwarding to with no problem so it is not the site having issues. 


This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT didn't work for me either.

My phone works with the cellular network AND as WiFi on the same network that the desktop is on.

Times out 3 different browsers and 2 different desktops.  Rebooted computers and rebooted the network.

Helper I

With both devices using Chrome, my android phone and windows 10 PC, and both logged into the same WIFI network I can experience this problem where the PC is unable to forward properly but the Phone forwards and connects to the proper pointer URL.

It doesn't always happen, but sometimes it can happen for days.


Right now for instance, from my phone I can connect to and it forwards to without a problem....

But from the PC when I enter I get this message in chrome.

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.



That's really bizarre.  All of those domains are forwarding for me from all browsers via desktop across multiple networks.  

Can you all do me a favor and let me know what ISP you're using?  Feel free to send it via private message if you'd prefer not to post it publicly.  I'll collect the information and pass it along to our advanced teams for further review.  Thanks.  



Other people tell me that the domain forwards work for them too.  I don't think Google Adsense sees them.

I'm using Google Fiber in Kansas City.

For me, I am located in Argentina, but my ISP is CableVision/FiberTel.
I have to beleive it has something to do with the difference between how the PC works and how a phone works, but I have no idea what that is.

I have the same problems with domain forwarding if I use Chrome Incognito Mode or MS Edge.


I'm experiencing this same issue (with my domain as well as the ones listed above in this thread).  


From my phone connected to wifi, I am unable to resolve the forwarded domains.  

From my phone via cellular (wifi disabled), the forwarded domains work perfectly.


Straight up CNAME records do resolve perfectly fine to their raw values, it's just the domain forwarding part that is broken.  For example, an nslookup shows that it's correctly pointing to GoDaddy's redirection IP (e.g.

For the last few days the forwarding on my PC wasn't working, but as of right now, 8am Chicago time, it started working again on my PC. I don't know if that info helps anyone but figured I would mention it.

Same.  This issue seems to be resolved now (pun fully intended). 😛


Suddenly working for me too.

Super User III

If anyone facing this issue runs some traceroutes it could possibly show a trend on where it's getting hung up.


I'm having the same problems with my domain on my desk top but not on my phone!