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Nameserver is not authoritative for my domain

My domain has been broken for 6 days now. It's registered at HostGator, and I've pointed the name servers to the ones on my primary cPanel domain and created an addon domain for it. I'm not sure if those are the correct name servers though because in the zone file the NS records point to different ones. So, should my name servers be pointing to the ones under my primary cPanel account, or the name servers listed in the zone file for


Re: Nameserver is not authoritative for my domain

Solved it! Let this serve as an example, as it isn't clear ANYWHERE. After you've changed your domain name servers at a different registrar to the correct name servers for your cPanel hosting account and the DNS propagates, you may have to change the name servers again to the one generated for the addon domain itself. So for instance if your cPanel nameserves are ns98 and ns99 you'd set those at your domain's registrar, then once you've confirmed that your account is hosting the addon domain, you'll need to find the new name serves for it. They will be in the zone file as NS records and will have different values like ns53 and ns54. Go back to your domain's registrar and update the name servers again, and your DNS should resolve like mine did almost instantly!

Re: Nameserver is not authoritative for my domain

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