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New Export Lists - Whois Stats Unavailable

I have always benefited from the option to include whois ping data (this month, previous month) when exporting a list of my domains. I think it provides a good gauge for "interest" or "demand" for a particular domain. It looks like the "new" management interface does not include the ability to include whois information as a field in exported lists. Is there any other way I can continue to get this data associated with my domains? Very frustrating... not happy...

Super User II
Super User II

Re: New Export Lists - Whois Stats Unavailable




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Re: New Export Lists - Whois Stats Unavailable

Hi ZulWeb. Thanks for your response.


I know how to generate an exportable list of my domains.


What I don't know, is why the ability to get whois ping data (last month, this month) as a part of that export list is going away. When I asked godaddy support, the person on the phone, 1. had no idea you could get ping data and 2.) said, "it must be going away".


I'm just hoping someone from product management can definitively tell me, "yeah, you're screwed, we didn't include it in the new version, there is no longer ANY way to get that information".

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: New Export Lists - Whois Stats Unavailable

Hi @4321rrr. Thanks for posting. The information I have is that the product team has this on their list of features to add to the new Advanced View (beta). However, there are other features they're working to add before this, so I'm not sure how long it will take to get it in the new view. My hope would be that it will be added before the current Advanced View is fully retired. 


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