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New Wordpress Installation Redirects to HTTPS While I Don't Have SSL

Hi, i installed wordpress on HTTPS:// while i diddnt have ssl and tried to install Cloudflare with Cloudflare Flexible SSL. It diddnt work because it said: Certificat unvailid, pointed to (that was the main domain of my account but i transfered it to another account.


I changed my primairy domain to designingthewebsite and later changed it to another. Added it to Addon Domains and deleted the website in cpanel to start over.


This time i installed it on HTTP:// but now when i want to visit the website, i get redirected to https while i don't have any plugins or ssl from godaddy.


I still can login to dashboard on http.


How do i correct this?



Nvm it still works, I deleted my coocies cache