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Recover from "Expired With Protection"??

Hi, just realised I have this domain with "Expired with Protection" and can't change DNS - I thought this is basically expired in the past, but not gone yet. But next renewal date is July this year. Why doesn't it suggest now to renew, or do I have to do something to make it normal state (Active) for this domain?


Any advice would be great. Many thanks!

Community Manager

Hi @zephyr. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It sounds like you have a domain that is expired but uses our Protected Registration service. If you allow such a domain to expire, it will stay in your account for up to a year and will continue to resolve as it did before it expired. This is part of the protection service. You should be able to renew the domain as normal to restore access to DNS changes.


As for your expiration date, this reflects when the Protected Registration service will expire, since it is what is keeping the domain in your account. Since the domain has expired, when you renew, you do so based on the original expiration date. This means that if the domain expired in July last year, renewing it will not change the expiration date of the domain. It would push the protection out another year though. 


If you have any trouble renewing the domain, please contact our customer care team for assistance. 


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