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Regarding Domain Blocked

Dear GoDaddy Team,
After hitting many emails, calls, chats, and tweets here I'm sending you a mail again to unblock my domain on GoDaddy.MyDomain is not shown in my GoDaddy Account.
I'm assuring you that I removed all suspicious contents from my site and also removed my site from previous hosting providing after taking backup. So, now there is no harmful content at my site. So, I'm planning to move my domain to another hosting provider.
Please unblock my domain.
My details are as follows:
Domain Name:
Customer Number: [removed]
Registered Email: [removed]
Note: I have been tried emailing you but no response and email is blocked Annotation 2019-05-29 060308.pngAnnotation 2019-05-29 060255.png
I have tried all the mediums to contact you but never get a positive response.
Please do something.I'm stuck since last 12 days.
Super User III
Super User III

Re: Regarding Domain Blocked



This community board is mostly volunteer based. You have an account management related issue that cannot be addressed here. You will have to contact phone support or live chat for a resolution in this instance. 


Additionally, you shouldn't post sensitive account information, such as your customer number, on a public forum. People can and will hijack your account if you give them enough info.


Good luck with your issue!

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