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Renewed Hosting and domain now starts rather than

Sure this is an easy one (something to do with A records). Since renewing my hosting package, my web address have changed to new. rather than www. I'm sure it's easy if you know how but can someone tell me how I change it back so it is www.  

Community Manager

Hi @haymaker999. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! There isn't anything in our system that would automatically change your hosting to use "new" instead of www. This must have been a change that was done manually. Most often, if our support team is helping you move from an older hosting plan to a new one, they may use "new" to indicate which one you're moving to. This allows you to use the domain on both accounts. Usually once the move is done, you remove your domain from the old account and change the new one to just or However, the way you would do this would depend on the type of hosting you have. I'd recommend figuring that out, then sharing that information. It may help others suggest a way forward. You can also review the situation with our customer care team. They will have the most complete information on what is happening with your account. I home this helps. 


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