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Reporting Abuse

I have been getting harassed by someone behind a certain domain name associated with your GoDaddy name. When I have done multiple searches for various info, it leads to the website host, various IP's and different cities. Each search is different.

And when I did the abuse search it came back with a custom address to the url  (ie: abuse@theabuser)

I always thought that any abuse inquiries would be directed to you? How can it be publicly customized?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Reporting Abuse

HI @Opressor. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


We do offer a way to report any abusive behavior by one of our customers. Please visit this page to report any abuse you see happening. I'd also highly suggest that you reach out to the hosting provider of the offending website or email. One of the best ways to do that is to look up the IP address that the abuse is coming from on a website like Once you identify who own's the IP, you can try searching for that provider using your favorite search engine. You may be able to locate their contact information that way. Others in the community may also have suggestions. 


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Re: Reporting Abuse

Your "report abuse" page ( does not provide for someone to report a fraudulent web site hosted by (and registered via) GoDaddy.  My emails to are being ignored.  All searches for "report fraudulent web site" has nothing relevant!


Near the bottom of your "abusereport" page, it states "Please contact Customer Support for help directing you to the right place.", and the Customer Support link is, which causes problems if you try to go to certain links on that page!  For example, clicking on the "Launch Community" link (which is yields a "GoDaddy 404 Response Error" and a page that says "Whoops!  Looks like you're lost.".  What's up with that?!?

Many websites are cloning my WordPress site completely and updating in reltime

Here is the list of websites which i am found on google. Don't know which method they are using but they are cloned my whole website and working in realtime. Whenever i am publish a article/post in my website it was suddenly starts appearing on those websites. My WordPress site is -


List of sites Which cloning my website:


Re: Reporting Abuse

my name gilmmar alves someone took my account and my 3 domain: and and I'm no sell this domain, I know godaddy have my domain in your hands. do not sell my domain please please.. give me back.   someone stole my account. and my domains, I took my godaddy account back ,but know I need my 3 domains back please , I change everything: username , password , and pin... one more time do not sell my domains, someone stole my domains and tried to sell.   my customer number# *******32   gilmmar Alves...thanks.


Re: Reporting Abuse

Hi @gilmmaralves,


We're sorry to hear of your problem, but no one in the community forum can take an action in your account or on your domains to stop their movement. Your best option to recover the domains is to make the request at this link. Be sure to follow the instructions, include all domains taken, and include all requested identification. 


In addition, you may also want to add 2-step verification to the account. Do not share your account security information with anyone, please. 



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