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Spam Site shows up on my domain


A spammy site is showing up on some of my urls. These urls are getting thousands of link backs.

Urls structure is like this-  /?sku=200-601(dot)html 

I have never created these pages and the content of here is definitely spam.

For the links backs in can use Google's disavow tool but how do I remove the hacked pages from my database? 

Advocate VII

Hi @tushar1986,


What platform/application are you running?  Is your site by default using SSL?  I'd seriously start with the GD Sitelock and begin your malware scans.  Next, if you are running WP try WordFence to repair you db.  Change ALL of your FTP passwords.  Change your WP admin passwords.  Depending on the source of the injection, you may need to restore a valid backup.  Sometimes, the injection is written such that the repairs don't work.


Hope this helps,



Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

Hi @JMPepper

Appreciate your prompt reply.


My site is built on Wordpress. I don't have an SSL. I have installed Wordfence and have made repairs suggested by the plugin.

I'm a novice and have little knowledge about coding, php or database. I have an old back up but  I guess I will lose all the articles Ive posted since then. Not sure how I would retain those articles. It's a mess especially for me.

These are some of the sites coming to my website. Same kind of crap. Not on Wordpress, just using website builder of Go Daddy.