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Subdomain Forwarding not Working

I want to forward a subdomain to


Although the domain is registered with GoDaddy, hosting is done somewhere else. I mention this because I understand if we had hosting from GoDaddy I should set up forwarding there in the cPanel.


So I went to the DNS settings page:

At the bottom there is an option for forwarding a subdomain, which is quite straight forward. So I filled in the details:

However, forwarding doesn't work and get the error message "The connection has timed out" when I try to visit the subdomain. I've updated the DNS about 40 hours ago. I've also tried a VPN in the US (since I'm in Europe myself, and I though maybe DNS servers in the US are updated sooner) with the same result.

What to do?


If I clear the browser's memory and then visit, then forwarding works.

If I first visit, then the browser puts in its memory to always use https for If I then visit it automatically redirects to and forwarding fails ("connection time out").

I think the problem is that I only have a security certificate for the main domain and not for the subdomain... But I don't want to purchase a certificate for the subdomain. I just would want the browser not to automatically switch to https for the subdomain (while for the main domain it should continue to always switch to https).

What can I do?