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Subdomain Help - SqaureUp

I'm trying to create a subdomain for my storefront, I have my main domain connected to my squarespace website. However, my store site is using sqaureup site and I have setup the address but when I try to create a subdomain in my DNS settings its not connecting. The site just says it cannot be reached. I tried following the steps but I'm new to this and don't know if I'm doing it right. If anyone has tried to use squareup please help. 

My domain is and I'm trying to create a subdomain for

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Re: Subdomain Help - SqaureUp

Hello @Aleeiana ,


Looking at this SquareUp article, in GoDaddy manage DNS, create a cname and name it 'store' and point it to ''.


Let me know if that helps you some.


Very Respectfully,

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Re: Subdomain Help - SqaureUp

I have tried it and my site is still not connecting. They have also provided me with A records with host and IP addresses and I tried entering them into my DNS but still nothing.