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Subdomain Question

Hi, I am trying to set up a subdomain --  This will link to provides the following instructions, which I followed - but with no success so far:


Add a CNAME for your desired subdomain (e.g., etc) and point it to Redirects: You will need to enter exactly. Any other value will not work with Exposure. Redirects or masking setups, like CloudFlare, are not supported.


If you use CAA records please add a CAA record for your subdomain that is set to to make sure we can issue your free SSL certificate.
SSL: Services like CloudFlare that provision their own SSL certificates will need that feature disabled. Exposure provisions SSL certificates for any domain added and 3rd parties will cause conflicts and impact your sites availability.
Can anyone help?  Thanks.


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Re: Subdomain Question

No need to put your domain in the CNAME...

TypeHost/namePoints to/value

Re: Subdomain Question

Thank you @Nate!