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The domain key sent by GoDaddy doesn't work when I then go to verify contact details

Grateful for any help. The domain key doesn't work - I copied and pasted it carefully from the email sent by GoDaddy, but on the GD site, when requested, it didn't work.

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Hi @huwowen1979,


Domain key? What do you mean?

I received an email about an hour ago from GD that said "if prompted, this is your domain key" with a long code after it.


I was indeed prompted on the GD site after clicking the various links. But the domain key didn't work.

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Hi @huwowen1979,


please use my handle when replying so I get a notification 😊


This is a new one to me. 

Please private message me your email address and upon receiving a welcome email from me, then forward this email to me. I would like to see this email. 


Or contact support and explain it to them. 


I too got the same email. And I don't have a valid key. And there is not place to get this key. 

Any one from godaddy knows whats going on?


I had to call support internationally ($$$) to get help, I waited for 15mins and "We are still helping other customers..." so I hung up.

Waheed Alsayer

Chatted online and they marked the verification done. Didn't get a new valid key though. Looks like not everybody is getting this email, cause the person I talked too had no idea about the subject. He/she had to go back to other tech support.

Waheed Alsayer