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This domain is currently not approved for CashParking??? I paid about 10 days ago for 30 day use.


I know many people have the same problem but nobody answered how to solve it.

Dear GoDaddy team, my address is 100% correct. I need to confirm it every day when I visit my domain parking dashboard. I know where I am living. The problem is with your service not with my address. 

I paid for it about 10 days ago and I only see message This domain is currently not approved for CashParking.

But in my dashboard I see all my domains are approved and showing ads but it is not true. Within a week I don't have any impression on my dashboard stats.

Here are some screenshots:



Hi @Samirs86, thanks for posting.

Please keep in mind that members of the Community do not have access to your account details. If you are having trouble verifying your account details or having a domain approved, you will need to contact Support for assistance with account specific issues. They can be reached through any of the numbers on this page:


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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