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Trouble with domain redirecting httpS -> httpS


I'm replacing my current domain, with a new one, and want to set up redirection to accommodate.

GoDaddy host All domains are redirecting correctly apart from the following two...

1) httpS:// to httpS://
2) httpS:// to httpS://

Any attempts to hit these httpS://(www.), result in timeouts.


In my DNS / domain settings, I am redirecting both http and httpS:// to

I also have two subdomains at the source end, one of WWW, and the other for STAGING, both pointing to WWW and


Am I missing something here? Rookie mistake somewhere?


The target domain works when I hit it with http(s)://(www|staging.)


Your help appreciated.



PS Would have loved to post some pictures of my DNS settings here, but couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do it event with the rich text editor. Must be getting old.... 😞


Did you ever get this solved? I have a similar situation.