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Trying to cancel a domain

I am trying to cancel a domain which will otherwise auto-renew in ten days time. It seems it is not possible to remove the auto-renew as it is a protected domain (and apparently I am part way through a multi-step procedure to protect it which I don't ever remember starting). I don't want to finish this procedure and I don't want to auto-renew - I just want the domain gone. I can achieve this by contacting support, so the page says, but all I get is 'loading chat' in the middle of the screen, whichever browser I use and however many page refeshes I try. I'm deaf and can't use the phone number, and if there is an option to contact support via e-mail then I can't find it. What next?
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Super User III

Re: Trying to cancel a domain



In this case, I believe the easiest way out is to just go through the steps.


Use this article on domain protection to enable it completely. You should then be able to remove the protection fairly easily and cancel the auto-renew.


Once you start the domain protection process, you have to complete it to be able to cancel it. Even if you called in, this would be the steps you needed to take. 


I hope that helps. 

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Re: Trying to cancel a domain

Hi @madferit@MrVapor definitely has some good advice to try. In regard to chat, we definitely know it can be a frustrating experience at times and we're in the process of improving it. One of those improvements is adding the option to more of our English speaking pages as opposed to just being on the US page. That being said, I have seen the "chat loading" message is on one of the newer implementations on a non-US page. However, it does give me the usual "chat now" or "chat busy" when I visit the US page. Try visiting this page to see if you can chat there. If you still see the "chat loading" for more than a few seconds, please try the link above in a FireFox private browsing window or a Chrome incognito window as caching or add-ons/extensions can sometimes cause interference. Thanks! 


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