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Two domains one hosting plan

Hi I am having trouble with one of my domains at the moment and how it is being managed.

I have one hosting plan and two domain names they are - (primary) and

The primary domain is fine, no problems whatsoever.

However the second one is redirecting me to a temporary subdomain I created previously and later deleted when I type that address into the URL.

In my File Manager, I have created a folder where all files and folders for that domain should be housed.

However, after trying for ages with all of my DNS settings and various other settings and tutorials provided by the GoDaddy Help sections, I am having no luck whatsoever.

Can anyone please try and help me with this and if necessary, I will try to provide screenshots of as many things as I possibly can.


Kind regards





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Re: Two domains one hosting plan

Make sure the domain is pointing to your hosting account.


Find the appropriate IP address.


Make sure it's in your DNS settings.


TypeHost/namePoints to/value
A@[hosting IP address]

Re: Two domains one hosting plan

I have tried that does actually nothing whatsoever, it still redirects me to the previously mentioned temporary URL.

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Re: Two domains one hosting plan

Changes to the DNS can take 24-48 hours to resolve.  You should also double check that the domain is associated with the proper folder in your hosting account.