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Unknown nameserver names in the list

I am trying to change nameservers for about a week, but all the time there is extra +3 unknown nameservers on the "WHOIS search list". I dont know who is adding them.
Name servers: +ok +ok <-- What is this? <-- What is this? <-- What is this?
Also I have tried to change between Godaddy default/custom without change.
Can someone help me please? Smiley Happy
Helper I

Re: Unknown nameserver names in the list

Go to the Domain Manager in Godaddy, choose your domain, click Manage DNS at the bottom.


Now under the Name Server section, click Change.


With Custom chosen, it should show all the nameservers you list below...


Click the 3 dots beside the nameservers you want to remove (bottom 3).


Click save.


Give it a few hours and your problem should be solved.


Re: Unknown nameserver names in the list

The mystery is that there are only 2 addresses in the Godaddy dns manager list, but when I check through the terminal "$ whois", it shows 5:

Name servers:

Helper I

Re: Unknown nameserver names in the list

You will probably need to contact Customer Support to resolve this - it sounds like a glitch...


If you want to try something yourself to solve maybe this would work.

Temporarily - You could try to add the name servers it is reporting. (maybe even when you click add you will be able to see these 3 others). Save the change. Give it 10 minutes or so to update in the GD system, then remove the 3 you added.


There is a small chance that might resolve this "bug"