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Updating Nameservers to GoDaddy and Office365


My website is currently hosted elsewhere and we have Office 365 mailboxes setup.

I with to move hosting to GoDaddy which will require updating the nameservers. How do I do this whilst limiting downtime to our Office 365 Mailboxes. I presume I need to setup the Office 365 DNS entries (MX, TXT, CNAME)  prior to changing nameservers??





Hi @gdroberts

So sounds like your domain name and Office 365 accounts are not with us. In that case, you will need to update the MX records after the nameservers have been updated. It usually takes 24-28 hours for DNS records to update, so during that time your email may intermittently work until the update is complete. Here is how to manage your hosted domains DNS.

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Correct, the domain and Office 365 account is NOT with GoDaddy. I only wish to use GoDaddy for hosting and DNS. I may transfer the domain later.


I've just been on live chat and have been informed that I should do the following to limit any mailbox downtime.


1. Buy the hosting package from GoDaddy

2. Assign the domain to the package (not transfer the domain)

3. Create the DNS records (duplicate what the current host has)

4. Update the namesevers to that of the new GoDaddy package


Does that sound ok?