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Website cloned and copy by Godaddy client


Our website was clone,phising,copy by Godaddy client and i want this hacker scammer website to be shut down immediatly,this is Goddady reputation,I open claim since more than 24h without any feedback this really bad,I'm open to go out and make one video and post on social media if Goddady continue to support hackers

constant tchamda

Hi @aurore1078 ,


Welcome to the Community.

If you believe that a website connected to GoDaddy is in violation of our Terms of Service, we encourage you to submit a report where appropriate (depending on scope of abuse): Please keep in mind the Abuse Team that has it under review will only contact you if they need further information.


If the URL in your complaint is not hosted on GoDaddy servers, you'll want to file your complaint at the hosting provider that has control of the website content.




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