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adding alias to my website but it does not work at all



- i have a registered domain its

- the NS is already pointing to godaddy as i took them from my main account.

- i have add the domian from cPanel as an alias domain but it dose not work at all


my main domain is


can any one help pls

Community Manager

Hi @techp. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! My guess would be that your domain is not using the right nameservers. Even if they're the same ones you're using for your primary domain, the nameservers for a secondary domain can be different. I'd 1) make sure you've added the domain to the hosting account correctly (this depends on the platform) and 2) use the steps here to make sure you're using the correct nameservers for If you make sure you've done both of these steps and the site is still not working, please contact our customer care team for further review. 


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