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can't change name servers

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Bought my domain an hour ago and I can't change name servers. I don't understand why this is so difficult.

I have a website and a current domain with WIX. I have the name servers from them to use but can not find a way to edit my name servers. I've been checking help topics and searching the internet and can't understand why I can't change them.

I've tried a different browser and emptying cache.

Please help as I'd like to connect this domain asap.

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Re: can't change name servers



It could be propagation of your new purchase into the GD system.  Did you try again to see if anything changed? 😉


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Re: can't change name servers

Hi @Samuelseckleton,


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If your hosting AND domain is at WIX (domain not registered at GoDaddy), and you want to change to WIX nameservers, you'll need to take that action in your WIX account. Please contact their customer support for instruction on making this update.  



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