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can't delete my domain

i have been trying to delete my domain for months now. i called customer support, no help. it wouldn't go through for him. i keep trying every few weeks to delete it, and i keep getting this message 


Well, that's a bummer.


same cant delete my domain either. this needs to be fixed!!

Kind of same problem - if I try and delete my domain I get an onscreen message 'Applying changes, please wait...'


And this basically does nothing. Just spins. And applies no changes at all. This seems like a deliberate software failure, as a domain I tried to delete has just been renewed for 2 years. So MAKE SURE you cancel auto renew of you get caught in a loop. Seriously bad and devious business practice!

Hi @TurnpikeArt

I suggest trying to delete the domain using another browser. If you are still unable to delete it, please reach out to our support team to assist you. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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