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domain name wrong not registered need help asap

Hi hour ago registered domain with godaddy, but alas to my mistake it registered domain that i was looking up month ago and not recently entered. tried to call and wasted all my credit while other guy tried to fix it, then got put on hold and wasted my remaining mobile credit, got call back but alas couldn't hear the guy besides saying call us back.


I havent activated domain by email so its not registered yet, but lack of any type of live chat or email support is complete joke of a service to be fair, number one hosting company is a joke of advertising if you dont have people online.


Im looking to change domain name no need for refund can someone get in touch with me via email at very least to sort this mess, as wasted years amount on my phone just waiting for response.


Seriously award winning support my A$$ not even bothering to respond on forum, i registered domain

that was somehow saved into my basked from month ago, and entered new domain i wanted, and it registered with the one above which is useless to me, can any admin respond back to wtf im supposed to do since your on call service charged me for call nearly 10$ for nothing when i could gotten hosting and domain for a year for that money from any other more reliable provider.