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"Migrate" trashed my site - now my email too!

A few months ago due to internal GD changes,  I was compelled to move from one Linux server and migrate over.  I had no idea how to do that but figured even if everything was blown up - I could just upload the site again.  I haven't been able to figure that out either and it's just a mess.  Now the email associated with the dead site has stopped working as well.

I'm ready to just transfer the domain over to FatCow and forget the remaining 8 months of free hosting I have left (I have many sites running via FatCow) - but can't figure that out either.  :-(  Go Daddy doesn't do email support.

Helper V

Re: "Migrate" trashed my site - now my email too!

You sound very frustrated but even if we were to express an immense amount of understanding, your source of frustration would still exist.


You need to provide relevant information.


Re: "Migrate" trashed my site - now my email too!

Hiya @ShotGal,

Sounds like you're having a rough time. If something went wrong with the migration of your site, that'd be something our support folks would want to look at with you. You're right, we don't offer email support. We do have chat in some areas. If it's available to you, you will see a way to access it at the bottom of this page. Otherwise, give our team a call when you can so we can help you work through this frustration.


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