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website not forwarding, loading https://www

my domain, when i look up in search, the top suggestion brings me to and is not forwarding. if i just type in it forwards fine. help! 


Re: website not forwarding, loading https://www

Greetings @bwhgiving,


Thanks for bringing this up in The Community. I don't know where you're doing the look-up, but that search engine is assuming this is related to a domain with a secure certificate and is just tacking the https:// on. We can't control search engines and how they try to resolve your entry, but do be sure the domain and the www. version forward properly. Hopefully, with enough visits the search engine will "learn" where the real reference-able site is.


Meanwhile, the www. is a CNAME which must be added. Refer to this or contact Support.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: website not forwarding, loading https://www

Hello. I have this exact same issue with trying to send traffic to my personal site at With or without http:// or https://, it works but adding either http:// or https://, it fails.


I see the reference to adding a cname entry. one already exists for me. Yet the redirect fails.


Any help would be appreciated. I am very non-technical so this is well beyond my comfort level to tinker with and it seems odd that it'd not 'just work'.