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Able to send email but unable to receive the email in GODADDY VPS instance



I am getting permanent error and recipient not found when I reply to the


But using the same account, I am able to send email from my webmail account.


The MX records are configured correctly as per the instructions. Please advise how to resolve this issue.


Thanks & Regards





I recommend reviewing the mx entry setting if you have not already. 


Your domain is using workspace mx records currently so you would want the mxentry setting to be set to remote.


Go into cpanel>find mx entry icon> select if not already selected and choose remote.


test the form and let us know.

Mike L. | WebPro

i try this not working..


This isn't applicable to self managed servers. You need to install your own mail transfer service (postfix and dovecot)

what should be SMTP in php.ini?


so i can send mails from website page. in linux VPS

Hello @dinesh99,


Here is a link to the document I believe you are looking for.


Have a nice day! 

Mike L. | WebPro

One thing I did notice is that your email has an extra mx record attached to it. If you are using the workspace email you should not need the first record in the list below. Do you know if you happen to be using the workspace email or email on your hosting? Be sure the email exists also (


also what is the domain you are sending from? 


Mike L. | WebPro