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Adding SPF Record for Sparkpost Has no effect



I've tried adding an SPF record: 

TXT  @   v=spf1 ~all    1 Hour


Unfortunately when I try to test this in Sparkpost I get the following error:

The SPF record is not properly configured for this domain. Add this entry into your DNS records:

v=spf1 ~all
I'm very new to this, and am not sure where I am going wrong.
Any help would be much appreciated 🙂

Hi @orrymr


Thank you for your post. 3 things come to mind about the issue you are facing. Either the record itself may need time to propagate so that the record may be seen (upto 48 hours ) or it may be possible that you are not setting the record  with your DNS host, or lastly, the mail system is set to a sub domain and the hostname will need to be updated to the subdomain hots name. 


One tool that may help you see if the record itself was properly set and propagated is to use a DNS propagation check website like 


Type the domain into the search field, select "TXT" from the dropdown and click search. If you see the record populate in the list below this means there was successful propagation for the record which would eliminate the first two possible cause.


Hope this helps!


Hi @TechFly,


Thanks for the reply! 


It looks like I had to concatenate 2 of my SPF records, and that did the trick. I did it as follows:

v=spf1 -all

I'm assuming that the first entry is for my mail, using office365. 


This works, fine, but I am hosting at DigitalOcean. I want to use their nameservers:, and

But I still want to keep my SPF and DKIM records. This is fine, as I will simply add those records to the DigitalOcean DNS. But, I still want my outlook to work. Does this mean that I also need to copy across the MX record from GoDaddy?



Hi @orrymr


Thank you for your reply. Happy to hear you have the situation figured out. When changing your nameservers over you will want to copy all the necessary dns records for Office 365. Due to Office 365 being an active sync exchange email it will require all cnames, mx records, txt records and service records to applied to the zone to ensure that the email continues to function properly. These records should already be displayed within your active zone file in GoDaddy, however if for any reason  you are unable to view these records, our 24/7 support team can help you obtain a copy of the records. 


Hope this helps!





So I've exported the Zone File, which contains the records. I'm going to point the DNS to Digital Ocean's Nameservers and then on Digital Ocean I'll add the records from the Zone File. Does that sound right?