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Brain About to explde


I have brought the domain name. Want to send emails and receive emails. Don't want a million accounts. Outlook , Gmail, Hotmail, Telstra so on so on. Need it all under one umbrella. Not a programmer don't want to be.

If I get GoDaddy to manage emails how do I access My emails easily.

Cant get out there and do business because it is so difficult following the instructions off all blogs and websites.

Is there a simple solution to setting up my multiple accounts under one banner, provider. Simple not complicated. Or would it be easier to pay some IT dude to do it.?

Helper VI

@iain1264 let me get it clear. You want that all the emails you receive in your different accounts (ie. hotmail, gmail, outlook, etc.) be forwarded to in order to read all your emails under one account?

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