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Can send but not receive email

Dear Service Provider Godaddy

we have webhosting on Godaddy

But we can not visit our web these days, and our email with @aegis-logistics can not receive email

Please support to solve for us soonest 

Thank you


Same problem here. it is bloody nightmare. I cannot contact my customers

cannot contact goddaddy either . they are down

Not applicable



Godaddy are not down. The phone support is 24/7 the live chat for around another 11 hours (Arizona local time 5am - 6pm).

It sometimes gets busy so keep an eye on it.


note: at the time you sent your message it was 4am in Arizona. I'm sure that support would have gladly arrived in their slippers and pyjamas clutching a slice of toast to answer your query had they known.☺️ 🛌 Zzzzzzzzzzzz!!