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Can send but not receive emails

Clients have told me emails to me are bouncing and I've now verified the same. I can send them though. Anyone else having this issue? Last received email occurred on Friday 2pm Pacific. Thanks in advance.


Yes I am also having this issue currently. It has been hit and miss I am going to contact tech support via the phone tomorrow morning. My tech knowledge is limited, so suffice to say its rather annoying when I have clients telling me they are getting bounced back messages.


Hi there - I've just transferred my domain in and am currently setting up my email and I'm also having this problem.



Im also having this problem.  I can send emails but not receive them.  My problem started Sunday morning approx. time 11am and it is still happening.

I am having this same issue.  Were you able to find a solution?


This worked for me:


Select your hosting and go to the c-panel admin board.

Search for MXEntry, under Email

In email routing select Local Mail Exchanger


After a week and like 3 calls to support, I figured that out without their help. They had no idea what was going on. Pretty annoying.


Hope this helps!