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Can't send mail Windows 10 mail

Keep getting an error message saying "There was an error sending your message" ?


Any ideas?


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@davelees   Windows 10 is your PC right?  So we need to look at what your email settings are in your email program.  Are you using Outlook?   What email service are you using?


You'll want to make sure you have the correct Outgoing server settings and ports in place.


For Workspace email settings click here.

For Office 365 email login into your account and look under POP and IMAP settings.


HTH! 😉

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Hi Muse,


I am using Windows 10 Live Mail I guess ... it's whatever comes with Windows 10 by default. I did setup the mail using the POP and IMAP settings you described and that now allows me to send using my account but I can't sync for some reason.

@davelees   You can only sync if you have setup your account as IMAP.   Double-check you have those settings in place, okay?

"No guts, no story." ~ Chris Brady

I am having the same issue. I cannot send or receive emails in my new HP laptop via Windows 10 Mail (the email service in the PC when you buy it, not Outlook). I add my GoDaddy account: incoming POP3 and outgoing SMTP, with the proper ports, but I keep getting a pop up that says, "Your account settings are out-of-date." I click on "Fix Account" and it asks for a password. I enter my GoDaddy password. No luck. I enter my Mail password. No luck. I enter my microsoft password. No luck. Any suggestions?

SAME! I'm getting really super frustrated as it was working in early January but now nearly a month later it just.won' This is my business email (which I also have on my iPhone, thankfully!) so it's crucial that I'm able to conduct business. Not a happy camper over here.

This is a know problem.  With the current Windows 10 Mail app, Godaddy email will not sync.  


All GoDaddy customers with current Windows 10 build who use this App are affected - i.e. after entering correct server addresses/ports, account information, passwords the Mail App will send, but not receive email.  Other email servers work fine with the Mail app.

We're waiting for GoDaddy to inform us when this will be fixed.

Hello everyone.


I hope your problems with Window Mail were resolved already.


I have issues with it ever since I upgraded to Windows10 and started using the built in mail program. My email works okay with Outlook and Apple Mail.

  1. Images in received emails are perpetually "loading".
  2. Sent emails goes to the Sent folder and successfully received at the other end. But when you click on the email, it says its still "sending". 
  3. I cannot forward my sent emails. The forward button is greyed out. Maybe because Mail thinks its still not sent.

Still looking for solutions. 


Thank you so much.