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Cannot Receive Email

I've been trying to fix this issue for months. I can send email from my webmail account but cannot receive it. The bounce back email error says "DNS Error: 9636556 DNS type 'mx' lookup of responded with code SERVFAIL"


I have verified my MX record with Bluehost is correct:



Has anyone experienced similar issues with Bluehost and Godaddy? 

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Super User III

Re: Cannot Receive Email

Hey there @leah24,


Per LeafDNS, your nameservers did not return any MX records for your domain. This will cause mail servers to use the A record for as the mail exchanger.


I can also see that your nameservers are at Bluehost, which means they have full control of your DNS Zone File. It looks like you have the right MX entries but for some reason Bluehost's DNS managment system isn't accepting them. 


Best advice is to contact Bluehost's support function and inquire with them why your MX records aren't propagating.


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Re: Cannot Receive Email

Thank you! I will follow up with BlueHost.

Re: Cannot Receive Email


I am Very upset because i can't receive email verification.

i tried alot of times but cannot receive please help me how how i place my domain to blogger