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Cannot receive email

We are not able to receive mails from two particular domain. We are able to send them mail but when they try to send mail, nothing happens. Mails do not reach to us and they are not receiving any mail bouncing notification. 

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Re: Cannot receive email



If you are able to obtain a bounceback error from your client, please get in touch with GoDaddy support team and they can take a closer look at what the error says.


For more info;


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Re: Cannot receive email

Your message wasn't delivered to because the domain couldn't be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

Re: Cannot receive email

Hi there, been having exactly the same problem for the last week or so. Didn't know I was having an issue until someone sent an email to my personal address and said they couldn't contact me on my godaddy account.


Only have a handful of emails in my inbox, so it shouldn't be full?


Re: Cannot receive email

Hi @jwhite9185,


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First, you'll want to check your spam filter to see if they were routed there. If so, you can adjust your filters, or list that sender as "preferred" in your email client. You may also want to ask the party that couldn't reach you, if they received a bounce error upon sending. If so, you can call our support team and they can review the message to determine the receipt failure. 


The fact that you ARE receiving some emails shows that your DNS is correct for delivery and the server is active. Are you using webmail, or a 3rd-party client (such as Outlook) to check your email?



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