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Constant Email failure "waiting for socket"

My new outlook accessed GoDaddy email constantly fails due to looking for socket failure. 


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Hello @SafeSchoolz and thank you for reaching out to the community. 


You might check out this GoDaddy help article for your answer in making sure you have your email set up correctly. 

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Hi @SafeSchoolz,


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Are you using Outlook or webmail (online) to send and receive this address? A socket error is usually due to a failed connection between the client and the mail server. You may wish to try different ports to determine the preference of your ISP. As these can change through your ISP, you can contact them to check their current port options. 


The setup link in the previous reply will help you with Workspace email. If you're using an Office 365 email, you'll want to use this article to check your settings. 



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