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Cpanel email can send but cannot receive

Hi guys,


I just registered for web hosting recently and I am trying to get my email setup. Initially I choose to create a 365 email but later deleted it and switch to cPanel email.


Right now, I am able to send emails using the cPanel email but I cannot seems to receive emails with it.


I added a MX record with the domain mail.(my domain name).com and also changed to local mail delivery but it can't seems to work.


Any experts here can help me out?

Helper II

Hello there,


Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


You need to use the default MX record for GoDaddy so you can receive email...


Please check these links below 🙂



Waren Gonzaga | GoDaddy Pro


Thank you for your suggestion. However, I am still unable to receive email. I tried using my gmail account to send an email and I got the following error.


Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.


Any idea why?

Community Manager

Hi @ohmygod. Another thing you might want to check is whether or not you have an A Record for 'mail' setup that points to the IP address of your hosting account. That is needed if you have set up as an MX record. If you already have that, you'll also want to make sure you're using "local" MX Entry records. If you previously had been using Office 365 email, it might be set to "remote" currently. Hope that helps. 


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