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Does email forwarding block SPAM emails? Is GoDaddy filtering?

Does email forwarding block SPAM emails? I've noticed lately that messages from nest and other common services are not being forwarded to my email. Does GoDaddy do any filtering?


Re: SPAM and email forwarding

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GoDaddy will filter some emails from our system that have IP addresses with reputations for spamming. If you are not receiving certain emails, you can contact our customer support to have the senders reviewed and blocks removed (if applicable). You can also set your own filters in our Workspace email using the instructions here



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Re: SPAM and email forwarding

We are receiving a ton of SPAM through the email forwards. I see the referred to instructions for setting up SPAM filters, but that seems to only apply to full Workspace email through GoDaddy, not forward only emails. Is there any way to improve on / increase SPAM filtering for forward-only emails?