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Download (send) emails from server to Outlook on my PC

I accidentally deleted emails from my Inbox in my Outlook.

All my emails are still on GoDaddy's server.

I want to download (send) those emails again to my Computer.

I found out that it is not possible once they have been received  by my PC in Outlook because I use POP3 settings and the only way is by changing my email account to IMAP.

I don't want to make all those changes. I already tried with one of my email accounts and I can see bugs and things that I don't like.

Is there any way that I could get those emails from the server again to my computer at home??? without deleting POP3 type accounts and installing IMAP type?

There must be a way to do it. I can't believe that nobody in this world hasn't come up with an easy  solution to it  😞 

If someone out there can help me, please reply.

Best regards to everyone.




HI @johncobb


Thank you for your post. One option you could try is forwarding the emails on the server back to yourself so hat way they are recognized as new emails. 


On that note, maybe simply marking them as unread could pull the emails down from the server. 


Worst case scenario , you could create a PST backup file in outlook to backup all the content, then remove and re-add the emails with POP connections again.


Hope this helps!


Hello @TechFly,


Thank you for your reply and suggestions.
I know about forwarding those emails to my own email address. They do come through but it shows that they come form my own email, not the original sender. 😞
Marking them as unread does not work. They are not sent again to my PC.
I don't quite understand second part of your last suggestion: "then remove and re-add the emails with POP connections again". - how can I do it?
I was thinking about it myself. How can I add individual emails or email accounts?
In previous version of Outlook I could see individual personal folders and individual email accounts (addresses). Now in this new version I can not see it in the PST file. How can I open this file and see all my individual info that means individual email accounts  (I have 4 email addresses) and personal folders? Before I could choose just one personal folder to replace (for example INBOX folder).
Can I somehow view them without opening it in Outlook? In some other viewer? Microsoft makes changes - those changes suppose to be improvements???? It is totally hopeless. Can you provide some suggestions?
I was thinking, If I created exactly the same scenario of my Outlook email on my laptop where I never had it installed before - would emails from the server be sent to my newly created (copy) accounts on my laptop? If so, then I could copy the PST file on my laptop and paste to my PS. Do you think that could work? Thank you in advance for your time and trying to help.

Best regards,