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Edited email address - can no longer access Microsoft Teams

I amended my email address to correct a spelling mistake and now can  no longer access Teams.  I can still access Teams run by other companies which had given the old email address guest access (even with the new email address) - but I cannot access my own Teams!  I can also still access Sharepoint and see the files I stored via Teams.

Changing my email back to the original did not solve the problem.

All ideas welcome as it has defeated GoDaddy's own online chat help

Getting Started

make sure that email address got propagated in Azure.  Make sure it is changed in Exchange (which should update Azure), but check anyway across all of the Exchange Platforms. Also check your groups, resources and Roles and make sure that the old address is not there.   Also check over in compliance for Azure Permissions.  Also you can use Azure to see WHY you are having sign-in issues.


Hope that helps