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Email Archiving Add-on

Is anyone else having issues logging into ?

Here's the basic flow:

1. Credentials are stated to be invalid. So I go to reset them but when I click the link it states,

"We're sorry. We are unable to complete your request. Please refresh your browser and try again."

So far, I have tested Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, Waterfox. Normal and Private modes, both after resetting and reinstalling the browsers.

I've tried in XP, Win7/8.1/10, Server 2003/2008/2012. 4 different PC's, in 3 States and 3 different ISPs. From my phone as well. 3 different routers and even just connected to a modem and a WAN IP.

The only way I can get back in is by calling GoDaddy support and listening to how the error I'm having is just not possible, because they(meaning support) can log in. So the password reset link is sent by Support, I click it and set my new password. I can log in just fine. Anywhere from 4-8hr later, my credentials are again, invalid, and I'm back at square one.


This is beyond infuriating, because it's not just one client. I have 3 clients, with the 3 GoDaddy accounts that have this issue.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Email Archiving Add-on

Hi @Chris2018. Thanks for posting. To clarify, isn't a URL that you'd use to access the archive. Each account has a custom subdomain at the This is typically accessed by clicking on the Archiving button within your Productivity dashboard. If you are using the "admin" subdomain, that may be why you're experiencing issues. If for some reason the Archiving button in your dashboard doesn't work, that's something our support team should escalate so we can get it fixed. 


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Re: Email Archiving Add-on

Thank you for the info.

If you could pass this info to the level 1 and level 2 folks to include this on their checklist, that would be great.


After 5 separate calls to support, no one caught that.