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Email address not accepted by web forms ( .design )



About 18 months ago I updated my company website, a whole new build based on a Wix template.


At the same time I took on a new domain name with the .design extension (from GoDaddy as usual).


Turns out lots of web forms don't recognise the .design extension so when creating new accounts with suppliers, online shops etc I often have to use an alternative email address.


Anyone else share my pain? I've informed 1 or 2 of these websites in the hope they'll start to update the filters to include more current extensions.


Thanks in advance for all the sympathy I expect to come flooding in any minute now.

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Super User II

I could probably find ten or twelve TLDs on any submission form that would not be accepted as valid. I know from creating forms for clients the validation logic is increasingly difficult. There are additional TLDs being added and I can't say that I've been keeping up with the validation logic.


Am I old because I remember email validation logic like:

  1. Presence of “@” and “.”
  2. “@” should not be at the first and last position
  3. “.” should not be at the first, second, third and last position
  4. There should be at-least one character gab between “@” and “.” symbol

I can't begin to list the complex kind of authentication I'm currently using but I just looked at the form on my own website and it would not validate a .design TLD as a valid email address. Yes, I feel your pain.


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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