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Email formatting changing on its own

In the past two weeks, everything about Office 365 has acted crazy!  Email are totally disappearing, OneDrive wont load, OneDrive has deleted all data from documents, etc.


The main issue I am having is that our emails keep looking like a crazy person wrote them!  All formatting is changing after the messages are sent-- it looks completely normal when composing but in the sent box there are multiple fonts, colors, and major spacing issues.  Full sentences are running together with no spaces.


We've tried everything and nothing works!  We've changed all our default setting.  We've used the web version and desktop versions.  Tried to copy/pasted templates, wrote messages from scratch, used saved templates. 


This has happened on multiple of my business accounts as well.  We all look incompetent and I cannot find a solution!  HELP!


Re: Email formatting changing on its own

Hi @lgnutrition,


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You should check to see how you're formatting your outgoing emails using the following instructions. See which option works best for your needs.


  1. In Outlook, select “File” > “Options“.
  2. Select “Mail” in the left pane.
  3. In the “Compose messages” section, change the “Compose messages in this format:” to “HTML“, “Rich Text“, or “Plain Text” as desired.


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