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Email hacked?

I have a domain registered with GoDaddy and use Gmail to access email through POP3. A few days ago I started getting returned messages that were sent from random usernames from my domain. I only have one email address registered with the domain. And I'm not sending these emails. So I'm very concerned that my account has been hacked in some way. Please advise how to proceed.


Re: Email hacked?

Hey @brunnerd,


First, let me say thanks for taking the time to join us here on the Community! Smiley Happy


Your concerns of your account being hacked are understandable. There may be a possible risk of this, but chances are more likely that you're suffering from a form of email spoofing commonly referred to as "Joe Jobbed".


First, i would definitely double check your customer account as well as the email making sure all of your contact info and logins are secured. Usually it's best to reset passwords to be extra precocious. I know a few other members may have some recommendations for strong password generators (perhaps some will share here Smiley Wink), but you can also find some of these through your preferred search engine results as well. 


As for the spoofing, check out our article here. There's a few tips there that you should walk through to help reduce; if not eliminate, the bounce messages being caused from these attempts.


Let us know how it goes. Hopefully you'll get this all worked out without any major issue. 


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Re: Email hacked?

I also just recently started receiving "undelivered messages" from some kind of mail daemon.  It is addressed to my contacts using my email address as the "from".  When I checked to see what email was sent, it was one of those "look what this person said about you, click here.....".  I marked it as spam, but I really hope this is the same kind of issue you were experiencing and its the Joe jobbing... smh

Re: Email hacked?

It's a goDaddy problem, search through the support on the issue, you'll see it's been going on for a few years. They are either unaware of the problem or will not admit to it.  Can you blame them?  They wouldn't want the word getting out that the godaddy email server has been corrupted.


I just got off the phone with support after changing my passwords for the third time.  His advice was to disconnect from Gmail and use the webMail server on - that or use Outlook, which I don't really use at home.


Checked my settings and it doesn't appear that the corruption is coming through my computer.  I'm pretty secure on this end and haven't had any problem with any other email address or accounts - only the ones associated with godaddy.

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Re: Email hacked?


Although it is a GoDaddy problem, it is not a strictly a GoDaddy problem. If you do a search on the web you will see that many of the other email servers (ie, yahoo, aol, gmail, hotmail, etc.) have this same issue. The emails are being spoofed from outside the control of their servers. The only thing that can really be done (if it is really spoofing) is to insure that you have a properly written SPF text in your DNS. 

It will still take close to a week after applied to propagate threw the servers and it should eventually end.

Mine was from and has now ended. I have email addresses from aol, yahoo as well as GoDaddy and this year it was only 1 address on GoDaddy that was infected. About 5 years ago it was an aol address.

Good Luck

Re: Email hacked?

Dear Sirs,


Good day,


Kindly assist me with a solution for our emails has been compromised and sending zip files to our contacts

from emails from server and our account : Lufni


your fast response is highly appreciated /

Helper II

Re: Email hacked?


Sorry to hear that you are having this problem and sadly if you follow the link in CG's response (above) you will get the information you need. There is no quick fix as the SPF will take several days to propagate in the DNS servers. If you have also changed your passwords to your email accounts that should cover the two main methods of them attacking you.

I hope that the contacts that receive the "zip" files do not open them.

Let us know how it all works out...